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Why let your holiday home?

8th February 2017 by Daniel

Why let your holiday home?Second homeownership is on the rise and with it, the number of owners choosing to let their property for holidays. This option means you can use the property for your own holidays as well as the opportunity to make some money through letting income.

With self-catering holidays gaining in popularity, both in the UK and abroad, and the rapid spread of internet use, holiday let owners have never had it better – not only can you tap into an expanding holiday sector but you can access the widest possible holiday audience through online marketing. User-friendly and highly- effective web advertising offered by holiday home company, makes the first steps to letting your property easy and you keep full control over when you let the property, who you let it to and when you use it for your own holidays.

What’s in it for you?

The main advantage of letting your holiday home is extra income. This can be used to offset the costs of the upkeep and running of your property. With careful financial planning and realistic expectations you should be able to cover your running costs and monthly mortgage payments.

Of course, a lot depends on personal financial circumstances and the location of the property – properties with no (or a small) mortgage in a favoured holiday spot have a head start on earning money. But as a general rule, if you keep a realistic eye on your outgoings and establish your property and target audience well from the start it’s feasible to turn a profit in the first year.

Another plus is that you and your family can still use the property for your own holidays. And since one of the main reasons behind purchasing a second home is to enjoy the use of the property, holiday letting has the edge over long-term lets. Holiday lets also remove landlord obligations and keep you well away from the intricacies of tenancy law and possible evictions involved in the long-term letting industry.

Letting your home through an online advertisement on also has its advantages. While some people prefer to use the services of an agency to handle their holiday lets, this non-hands-on option means you have much less control over your holiday home. Agency fees can be high and take a large slice out of your profits. You also may not have much say in when the property is available and the choice of tenants. With, you control all income, all availability and all guests.

What’s in it for the holidaymaker?

Self-catering holidays are an increasingly popular option – demand for self-catering properties in the UK has grown by over 27% since 2008 – and this trend looks set to stay. Some of the reasons behind this boom in self-catering holidays are:
Unique experience every holiday spent in a self-catering let is a unique experience. Not only do holidaymakers get to sample local culture and cuisine first hand, they have their personal concierge (you the owner!) to provide unique tips about the area. Unsurprisingly, gaining a taste of real local life is high on the list of top holiday experiences for many and a stay in an authentic property – thatched cottage, Andalucian farmhouse or Tuscan villa – adds much more to a holiday.

Do it yourself – access to the internet means many people now put together their own holiday package. Online holiday-let portals offer holidaymakers a huge choice of properties in a wide range of locations, making DIY holidays easily accessible and straightforward to plan.
Cheaper   self-catering accommodation is cheaper than hotels for most holidaymakers, particularly families. Letting a property directly from the owner via also cuts out commission to middlemen.
More freedom – self-catering holidays come with no schedules and holidaymakers are free to do as they please. Families are especially appreciative of this freedom – knowing their children aren’t constrained by hotel rules and timetables adds to holiday relaxation. Hand in hand with freedom goes privacy – at a self-catering villa, you don’t have to share a pool with dozens of others.